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Autobahn Motor Works
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Bethesda, MD 20816
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  Robert 08/22/2019
John and his techs are the best. We have a 2003 BMW 3 series with 70k miles. That?s right, 70k, not 170k. We have taken it to Autobahn since it went out of warranty, and John?s guys not only keep it in superb running condition, but have also saved us McDonald?s spending unnecessary $ we would have been charged by a dealer?s service department. German cars are not inexpensive to maintain, but why throw your money away? Autobahn is honest, friendly, and technically great.
  Ellen 08/15/2019
I've been bringing my car here for the last 14 years. Yep, same car - it's still running great thanks to Autobahn. John doesn't push any repairs that are not needed. In several instances, the repair was less than the estimate. For my next car, I'll only buy one that Autobahn can service after the warranty expires. That's how seriously I love this place.
  Santiago 07/25/2019
  Dustin 05/30/2019
  Richard 05/20/2019
Have been a customer for 15-20 years. Always had great service. Prices are fair, and work is excellent
  Jay 05/09/2019
  Enrique 04/26/2019
Easy to work with and offer thorough work detail before and after. Including accurate estimates.
  Richard 04/25/2019
great service
  Jay 03/21/2019
Wonderful, prompt, reliable, and friendly service.
  Robert 02/14/2019
Amazing customer service. Clients for over 15 years! John and his staff are the best!
Shop Comment
I spoke to the customer and they had no idea that they had given us 1 star. It was done inadvertently. They stated that they would give us a 10 if they could!
  Robin 01/17/2019
  Dustin 10/04/2018
  Diane & Larry 09/27/2018
Very thorough and service-oriented.
  Robert 09/20/2018
We have a 2006 BMW with less that 70k miles and a 2010 Benz with 68k miles and we wouldn?t take them anywhere else. Excellent, fairly-priced service (you wouldn?t have purchased a German car if you thought the maintenance would be cheap,) and nice people to deal with.
  Enrique 09/06/2018
Great shop for my 911. I've had a few issues common with an older Carrera but received sound advice on repairs.
  Jay 08/23/2018
Great service! Superior quality work!
  Jay 08/09/2018
  Jeffrey 07/05/2018
For 10+ years, Autobahn has kept my 2003 BMW covertible in great shape at a reasonable cost. John and his mechanics/technicians are honest, creative and responsive, and I expect to my car to reach historic status with their help!
  Cathy 06/28/2018
  Robert 05/17/2018
We wouldn?t take our 2010 MB or 2003 BMW anywhere else. John and his staff are knowledgeable and thorough and he doesn?t ?nickel & dime? repairs. When I brought the BMW to the dealer in Rockville for the airbag recall they inspected the car as a ?courtesy? and came up with $3200 or repairs that needed to be done. I took the printout to Autobahn, where our cars have been serviced since they went off warranty and asked John to check it over. About an hour later, he called and said that with the exception of one item that could be done the next time the car was serviced, he ?couldn?t in good conscience charge me for any of the? so called problems. Wow, that?s an honest man! The BMW has 68,000 miles (doesn?t gat driven much,) is built like a tank-but drives like the sports sedan that it is, and will easily go another 68,000 or more with Autobahn service. German cars are not cheap to drive or service, but what is these days, and John keeps ours in great condition at a fair cost.
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